Hi and welcome to The Doctor’s Edit!

I’m Fatima Ahmed, Obstetrics & Gynaecology doctor and woman behind The Doctor’s Edit blog.

I write about my job as a doctor and clinical entrepreneur, women in STEM & medicine, travel and medtech.

For women, by women. Through Girl, MD I get to tell the stories of phenomenal women in STEM & medicine. My first ever interview was with a 90 year old professor of Gynaecology from Azerbaijan. Her unwavering commitment to women’s health was deeply inspiring. Her story is breathtaking and you can read about it here. I also got to take lot’s of photos, which I’ve been given the privilege to share with you all.


Travel is food for the soul. As doctors and healthcare professionals treating humans from all walks of life, it’s vital. Travel opens up our minds and in doing so, allows us to understand our patients better. Mark Twain was apt when he said:

‘Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.’

– Fatima Ahmed AKA Girl, MD x